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The phoenix – a perpetual bird of alluring colours, omitting a cry comparable to a beautiful song; fused with the tiger - the most powerful, charismatic and popular of all nature’s felines. The tiger/phoenix hybrid is powerful, beautiful, enigmatic and immortal.

Inject these impressive attributes onto an expert business platform and the possibilities are mind blowing.

Launched in 2009, Tiger Phoenix is a highly successful multi-media company straddling both TV music production and premium-quality music artist management.

The company’s founding-owner, Affe Adel, is the crystalline personification of the Tiger Phoenix ethos. With an impressive and successful business background spanning a string of blue-chip global companies, Affe’s stunning looks, beautiful voice and undying determination took this talented woman on a career detour as she single-handedly achieved musical singer/songwriter acclaim in the US.

Channelling her unique expertise, success, talent and tenacity into one incredible force, Affe Adel’s Tiger Phoenix Group provides a rare and distinctive media offering for both music artists and the full spectrum of media platforms.

Tiger Phoenix – a compelling, unique, charismatic force, fusing business and talent through a fresh new dimension

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Tiger Music is a high-end boutique Management Company housing some of the most creative artists within the music industry including Halfway To New York.

Shunning the ‘bulk-profiteering’ approach of the average music management agency, Tiger Music adopts a complete hands-on, committed approach; developing just a handful of artists at a time, until maximum results are achieved.

Hands-on founding owner, Affe states:

Coming from an artistic background and having worked with some of the best and most successful music managers, I decided early on that I would not manage bands purely for financial gain, but because I genuinely loved their music and wanted to look after them. For this reason, I will not look after more than a few bands until they are successful enough to not need my constant attention.   Artists will understand this, and Managers will think I'm mad.”

Halfway To New York are one of the UK’s most promising home-grown indie-rock talents, smashing genre expectations with their fusion of high musical skill, super-polished image and ajaw-dropping, audience grabbing on-stage appeal.

With a string of packed-out live performances under their belt, the band are quickly gaining critical acclaim as a fusion of The Doves and Snow Patrol, with a dash of Stereophonics thrown in for good measure.

Unlike most new bands fighting for air in a tough industry arena, HTNY already boast a solid and loyal fan-foundation. Before their debut single even hit the streets, this incredible 4-piece quite literally catapulted their way into the presence of over 15 million consumers as they became a hand-picked, featured artist on the mighty Live Nation, in the autumn of 2011. 2012 saw HTNY head stateside for meetings with influential industry bosses in LA where they are now in discussion about an arena support tour. Back home the band had a great festival run with performances in support of the London 2012 Olympics with shows at London Live in Hyde Park with Scouting For Girls and Hard Rock Calling with Bruce Springsteen. The finale of the summer saw HTNY headlining The Paralympic Closing Ceremony in Trafalgar Square.

Halfway To New York have just finished recording their debut album which is due for release in 2013.


For more information on Halfway To New York visit:



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Tiger Phoenix Productions: Working closely with established production companies to deliver ‘bespoke’ music formats for TV

With a wealth of music industry experience and a savvy business brain, Tiger Phoenix Productions combines Affe’s pop star past with her network of industry contacts - this time devising original music formats for TV. Coupling-up TV commissioning editors and producers with her own industry contacts, Affe has created a unique music service for TV.

Tiger Phoenix Productions has established relationships with BBC1, BBC3, ITV2, Channel4, Channel 5, Sky 1 and  Sky Arts

Production company relationships include:
Fever Media, Hey Buddy, Hat trick as well as smaller independent companies.

Tiger Productions excels as a ‘nurturer’ of independent talent, acting as a ‘vehicle’, which carries music from concept to end goal.  Tiger Productions work with talented independent format writers, who have an idea, but need help and expertise to develop them into a more concrete programme. Tiger Phoenix offer step-by-step cultivation of these programmes and upon completion, pair-up a relevant sponsor if needed and deliver direct to the various commissioners.

Future Vision

To develop and grow this division, nurturing working relationships and management of format writers, script-writers and authors.



The Face of Muz!k -  A light entertainment, fly on the wall style documentary focusing on all aspects of the music industry.
A gripping insight into the lives of the stars…..the managers, the labels, the producers, the promoters, the agent his dog and the missus. Not forgetting backstage, the tour managers, the roadies, the groupies and the families that get left behind for months at a time.



‘The History of Song’–This Tiger Productions / Bill Martin*collaboration, started life as a one-off documentary. Tiger Phoenix were asked to pilot it into a 3-part series.

This is a light entertainment, factual programme traversing a number of stories about some of our best loved songs such as, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Sinatra, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ by Elvis Presley and ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles, to name but a few. This series exposes the real story behind these classics - how they came into existence- and who they were written for.

The narrators that have agreed to be part of this documentary are Bill Martin, who will head up the cast, as well as Elton John, Sir Tim Rice and Guy Chambers.

*Bill Martin is best known as the songwriter who won the 1st British Eurovision song contest with ‘Puppet On A String’ sang by Sandy Shaw, and who came 2nd the following year with his song ‘Congratulations’ sung by Cliff Richard.  Bill also wrote hits including, ‘Shang – a – lang’ for the Bay City Rollers and ‘My Boy’ for Elvis Presley.

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For Further information on any of our acts or programs please contact us on info@tigerphoenix.com